The XES sensual system is the first product to be released in the XES sensual wellness line. It has been independently tested and certified for consumer safety by The Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation (ISPE S.R.L Milan), in accordance with European Union Cosmetics Regulations.


The XES ErgoApplicator is a biomechanically designed delivery system that hygienically, safely, and pleasurably applies the proprietary XES sensualserum precisely to the erogenous zone formed by the mucotaneous junction of the clitoris. labia minora, and labia majora. 


XES sensual serum compliments the neurochemical functionality of cannabinoids and the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS), and is the first sexual wellness system to combine an ergonomic applicator + a cannabinoid-based formulation.  


The Institute of Skin and Product Evaluation (ISPE S.R.L Milan) performed microbiological and other related tests on random samples of human subjects. XES sensual achieved the highest rating possible for a topical skin formulation and proved also to be a soothing hypo-irritant.  


The XES ErgoApplicator and “sensual” serum follows the ethos of product design and ethics of  PRIME Hemp Science & Industry.  A sound science-based approach, traceability, compliance, and independent third-party verification by accredited laboratories and auditors ensures the highest standards of consumer safety, product quality and efficacy.


PRIME Hemp Science & Industry is a division of the diversified PRIME Agri Group who also operate a vertically “integrated Safe Food Delivery System” (iSFD) that is compliant with and certified to GlobalG.A.P.* standards.


The sensual serum, a proprietary formulation of cannabinoids and non-GMO botanical extracts, is independently tested for purity and toxicity, and verified as free of pesticides, heavy metals, moulds and other microbes. 


XES sexual wellness products have no artificial ingredients or synthetic lubricants:
• no parabens 
• no silicon, propylene glycol
• no artificial flavourings, colourings,
• no artificial aromas 
• no preservatives or emulsifiers
• oral-sex safe

XES sensual stimulating vaginal serum CBD & CBG

  • XES CBD Certified

    CBD  <5% 

    CBG <1%

    CBN <1%

    THC    FREE