CBD Wax made in Holland

Full spectrum CBD WAX full spectrum with different concentration of% cannabidiol and natural terpenes, with 50% of CBD (cannabidiol), produced biologically from hemp flower extract / cannabis sativa this highly concentrated, resistant and powerful oil can be used pure or mixed. To extract CBD from the cannabis plant, the CO2 method is most often used. Removing CBD using carbon dioxide eliminates all the compounds and substances you don't want, including chlorophyll. As a result, you like the purest CBD possible. You don't even have to fight with spent resin because there's really nothing to burn. To obtain CBD, rather than any THC, budtenders extract it from hemp plants, unlike marijuana plants. This further reduces the amount of traceable THC in the wax. From that point, it is easy to inject the CBD isolate, usually an oil, into a small amount of wax. Use with a vaporizer. You can buy CBD WAX in our 0.5 g Magic Weed Amsterdam packs, minimum order 50 packs.


CBD WAX of first quality, complete specturm, only finotcannabinoids without the addition of toxic and harmful elements to humans, with a certain percentage of active ingredient of phytocannabinoids in the product you can find the same results and benefits of a food supplement with less against indications.



The product does not contain any material or substance harmful to humans. Product for a cosmetic. Keep out of reach of children. It is not a food or medicinal product. THC content below the legal limits.



Our products are certified to guarantee the quality, safety and compliance with the regulations in force in the various European countries in which we operate, from our partner laboratory in Italy, Crabion, accredited by the Umbria Region, the Italian Ministry of Health, UCS - Central Drug Office in Rome. The Crabion chemical analysis laboratory in Italy has the following authorizations and licenses listed below: o Authorization No. SP / 165 of 8/10/2009 issued by the Ministry of Labor of Health and Social Policies, General Directorate of Drugs and Drugs medical devices, extraordinary central office. o Regional authorization no. 4650 dated 15/05/09 or regional accreditation n. 3490 of 07/05/2014



    CBD RANGE  45% - 50%

    CBG RANGE 0,2% - 0,4%

    CBN RANGE 0,6% -0,9%

    THC <0,1%

    Lotto 00012019/CBDWAX