CBD WAX Full Spectrum

We can provide you with the famous CBD WAX with different concentration% per ml on request, and help you in your business by marketing in your on-site shop (on the road) or online (website) and / or with your brand the best quality of CBD oil on the European market and in Amsterdam - the Netherlands. CBD Wax of first quality, GMP standard, full specturm, only finotcannabinoids with no toxic and harmful elements to human beings, with certain% of active ingredient of fitocannabinoids in the product, the same results to have the benefits of a food supplement.



The product does not contain any materials or substances harmful to humans. Product for a cosmetic. Keep out of reach of children. It is not a food or medicine product. THC content lower than legal limits.



Our products are certified to guarantee the quality, safety and compliance with the regulations in force in the various countries of Europe in which we operate, from our partner laboratory in Italy, Crabion, accredited c / o the Umbria Region, Italian Ministry of Health, UCS - Central Office of Drugs in Rome. Crabion chemical analysis laboratory in Italy has the following authorizations and licenses listed below: o Authorization N. SP / 165 of 08/10/2009 issued by the Italian Ministry of Labor of Health and Social Policies, Directorate General of Drugs and Medical Devices , Amazing Central Office. o Regional Authorization No. 4650 of 15/05/09 or Regional Accreditation n. 3490 of 07/05/2014

CBD Wax made in Holland


    CBD RANGE  45% - 50%

    CBG RANGE 0,2% - 0,4%

    CBN RANGE 0,6% -0,9%

    THC <0,1%



    Lotto 00012019/CBDWAX