Blue Cheese indoor  CBD certified

Blue Chhese Indoor, CBD flowers, unique with all the sweet scents of the Blue Dream, a mixture of earth and pine and sandalwood, sweet and fruity. Product based on industrial hemp flowers, sold inside a resistant plastic jar with hermetic closure and sealed to guarantee the intact flower, fragrance and fragrance of our herb, the product is presented in a graceful plasticized package glossy black and brendizzato with Magic Weed Amsterdam logo or sold in Bulk-bulk: to buy it you must be at least 18 years old. Our CBD flowers are grown in the best conditions in latest generation plants. All our flowers are hand-picked and cut by hand to offer our customers consistent quality over time. High quality cannabis flowers, delicate and refined and pure processing. Our products are sold with certifications issued by our partner laboratories, based in the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

Possession of this product in your country could be punishable, we advise you to verify the law in your country before making a purchase on our web shop.


The product does not contain materials or substances harmful to humans. Hemp biomass from cultivation. Technical product not intended for human use. Do not ingest, Do not inhale. Keep out of reach of children. It is not a food or medicinal product. Female inflorescences of Cannabis Sativa L., permitted uses of which the law 242/16. THC content below the legal limits.



Our products are certified by the best laboratories based in Switzerland, Holland and Spain.


Furthermore, to further guarantee the quality and safety of compliance with the regulations in force in the various countries of Europe in which we operate, our partner laboratory in Italy with whom we work for the chemical analysis of our products is accredited by the Region of Umbria and in possession of the authorizations and licenses listed below:


o Authorization No. SP / 165 of 08/10/2009 issued by the Italian Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policies, Directorate-General for Medicines and Medical Devices, Central Narcotics Office.
o Regional Authorization n ° 4650 of 05/15/09
o Regional accreditation n. 3490 of 07/05/2014


Our partner laboratory is authorized to practice forensic analysis on biological and non-biological matrices.
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Blue Cheese Indoor CBD certified

  • Blue Cheese Green House CBD - Certificata/Certified

    CBD    8 % - 12 %

    THC     < 0,3 % 


    Lotto 01012019/BC