The Moonrocks are very compact selected inflorescences that are soaked in an extract of CBD with concentrations over 50% of the presence of% of active ingredient in the product and subsequently coated in pollen. The extract of Cbd has the task of caramelizing the flower and making the Volta pollen cover the inflorescence, thus creating a spatial product from its name Moonrock.
Our cannabis extractions selected in different European countries such as Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Spain, are sold in four languages ​​(Italian, English, German, Spanish) in bulk - bulk or white label, packaged with your brand (brand name).

Our extractions are carried out following the GMP protocol (good manufacturing practice) allowing the selection of the best phytocannabinoids as an essential component of every product we market.


We can supply you with CBD Moonrock made in Holland with different% concentration per ml on request, and help you in your business by marketing the best in your on-site (road) or online (website) store and / or with your brand quality of Moonrock to the CBD present on the European market and in Amsterdam - Holland.


Top quality CBD Moonrock, standard GMP, full specturm, only phytocannabinoids added with no toxic elements and harmful to the human being, with certain% of active ingredient of phytocannabinoids in the product, the same is to have the benefits of a food supplement.






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